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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Words, words, words.

While I'm at updating, I might as well share this story about me from Cincinnati CityBeat.

Invariably, people will have questions about my work as a "media activist." As a teacher of English, I believe in the power of language, and I believe that a firm grasp of one's voice as a writer has the power to change the world.

It's kind of a stereotypical "English teacher" thing to say, but I take it to heart, and I try to live in a manner that reflects my belief and passion for language.

Please take the time to read Ben Kaufman's article!


Jason A. Haap, MA


It's been awhile since I updated this resume...

I no longer work at Purcell Marian High School. I left there after nine years, and went to work for a school serving at-risk urban students.

At the newer job, I have gained experience as English Department Chair, and also as Chair of the Graduation Portfolio Committee. I have taken on some media relations for the school, getting positive stories both in print and on television. Additionally, I have helped the school engage in fundraising.

Given my experience with digital media, I helped redesign the school's web page, and I helped develop a promotional DVD.

Thanks for reading!

Jason A. Haap, MA


Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Look at Jason Haap's Qualifications

I am finishing my ninth year at Purcell Marian High School, but continued employment with Purcell Marian no longer matches my personal and professional goals. So I have already informed them of my intent not to return. I mention this because I have no contractual obligations at this time.

I have a wide-ranging set of experiences that make me a versatile asset. I have taught ninth, tenth, and twelfth grades -- general tracking, college prep, and advanced. Our students are diverse in terms of religion, race, and socioeconomics. I have taught under a block schedule and a rotating schedule. Additionally, I have experience with creative curricular projects (some interdisciplinary courses as well as projects called "Exhibitions" -- multi-intelligenced performances of knowledge).

Also, as outlined on my resume, I have experience as a writer, and I studied my final semester for graduate studies at Oxford University, England -- where I took a double course load and graduated with a 3.97 GPA.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Welcome to Jason Haap's Online Resume

This page is designed to provide a snapshot of Jason A. Haap's professional qualifications. As many people have taken to searching the internet to find information about people, you can here find the details of my education and experience. When appropriate, I will update this with links to other resources dealing with my personal achievements or interests.

Most frequently, those who search the internet become confused when they stumble upon The Dean of Cincinnati (or web pages that refer to The Dean). This character is an example of political performance art, and I publish articles as a hobby. To find out more about The Dean, read this column by Maggie Downs in The Enquirer.


To promote progressive, constructivist pedagogy.


Xavier University – Bachelor of Arts (May, 1997)

Major, English; Minor, Secondary Education. Dean's List: Fall, 1993; Spring, 1995; Summer, 1996; Fall, 1996. Student Teaching Assignment:Jacobs Center – Spring, 1997.

Middlebury College – Master of Arts (August, 2003)

Summer Graduate Program: The Bread Loaf School of English

Summer, 2000: received an Ohio Rise Fellowship, $5,000 from the State of Ohio, attended Vermont campus – GPA: 4.0. Summer, 2001: Ohio Rise Fellowship, attended Alaska campus – GPA: 4.0. Summer, 2002: Ohio Rise Fellowship, attended New Mexico campus – GPA: 4.0. Summer, 2003: took a double course load at the Oxford, England campus – GPA: 3.925 (Cumulative GPA – 3.97).


Purcell Marian High School (August, 1997 – present)

Alternating-day block schedule, interdisciplinary studies (I have taught courses entitled African-American Studies, The Tree, and The Devil of Faith and Fiction), Intersession (week-long mini-courses between quarters – I have taught classes entitled things like Small Towns, Shopping Malls, and Wal-Mart, and last year's Meet Your Meat: Food Changes and Food Chains), Exhibitions (student-centered performance assessments – last year's Advanced Literature Exhibition was entitled "Back Downtown," and it was conducted at Memorial Hall), A.P. Vertical Teaming (I have the underclassmen Advanced courses), etc. I also have experience teaching college prep and general classes, as well as experience with inclusion, portfolios, rubrics, etc.

Additional Resources:

Information on Exhibitions: Performance and Exhibitions: The Demonstration of Mastery.

Material used for Small Towns, Shopping Malls, and Wal-Mart: Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes To Town.

Material used for Meet Your Meat: Food Changes and Food Chains: MeetYourMeat.com.


Publishing: poetry (including the following chapbooks: Watching TV, The Plowman Press, 1999; Shuffle, Shuffle, Deal, Alpha Beat Press, 2000; and Six Silver Poets and the Bulletproof Chapbook, The Cincinnati Writers' Project Press, 2001); comedic essays (at Faculty Shack, an online magazine for teachers: "The Firing Line," 2001; "Textbooks and Hamburger Cooks," 2002; "Rules and Procedures," 2003; and "What I Thought I Knew," 2004); Cincinnati Independent Media Network.

Video Editing: Independent work through Media Bridges.